Savage Land: Revealing the Truth Causes Hope to ‘Explode’ – Excerpt


When Eva makes a revelation to Manos (Th. Patriarch), all the facts in his life up to now are turned upside down

EPISODE 101 – Monday February 13th

Today at 18.50, on SKAI

THE Hope (P. Vitetzaki) discovers the secret of his identity Mars (S. Michael) and their relationship is tested once again.

THE Rena (E. Asimakopoulou) separates him Anthony (H. Stylianou) and comes closer to him George (O. Giovas). At the same time, Olga (Z. Duke) hatches a new, dark plan to harm the Myrtle (M. Zorba) and uses the Zoe (K. Klapsinou) for that.

THE Thomas (S. Tzorgzoglou) understands that Zoe is preparing something against Myrto, while at the same time, a mutual attraction develops between Stefanou (P. Skarmeas) and Zois. THE Orestes (K. Sommer) overturns what Michalis (K. Falelakis) and Aris believed about his relationship with Olga.

THE Nadia (A. Andreovich) feels threatened by her presence Eva (E. Fanariotis). When Eve makes a revelation to Nail polish (Th. Patriarch), all the facts in his life so far are overturned. Meanwhile, Mr Mars finds an unexpected ally in her face Christina (S. Kruska).


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