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Dave Davis, member of the band “The Kinks” begged him Elon Musk to stop adding Twitter warnings about “sensitive content” to anything related to the group.

The English guitarist and co-founder of the band posted a screenshot of one of his tweets with the caption: “Dear @elonmusk can @Twitter stop warning everything posted by the Kinks?”

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“We’re just trying to promote our music,” he added.

Twitter’s algorithm began confusing the name of the band The Kinks with the term “kinky,” which is defined as “unusual, eccentric sexual behavior.” Many people found Davy Davies’ tweet “quite hilarious” and called on Elon Musk to “stop bullying the Kinks”, reports The Independent newspaper.

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The British band recently announced that they will be releasing a two-part compilation called ‘The Journey’, which will include hits from the band’s catalog from 1963 to 1993.

The first part is scheduled for release on March 24 via BMG. It will consist of 30 songs divided into four thematic mini-compilations.

The first 10 songs will cover themes such as “seeking adventure, finding identity” while the second part will include seven songs based on the themes of “achieved ambition, bitter taste of success, loss of friends and the past comes back to bite you”.