Antonia Fontenelle accompanies the Rio poll and mocks the Empress: ‘I deserve a pix’


Antonia Fontenelle did not remain silent and shared with her followers that she accompanied the calculation of the scores of the samba schools in Rio de Janeiro. She, however, stated that she deserves “a pix” for the Imperatriz school having become champion.

The speech comes after Fontenelle criticized the clothes Janja wore for Lula’s inauguration, in January, and also the school’s old guard. Janja was invited to be the school’s godmother this Carnival. “Look, folks: this is Imperatriz Leopoldinense’s old guard. I don’t understand much about fashion, but this is my opinion. Why Leopoldinense, Antonia?” Because it’s a listless school, it doesn’t stink or smell, you know?”, she said at the time.

This Wednesday afternoon (22), Antonia said that she received messages from friends telling her to prepare the pix, implying that she was responsible for the school’s title. “Guys, I’m seeing the results here and my friends have already started writing to me, saying ‘get ready to ask for the pix because you’re going to give the title to the Empress’. people woke up and put it to break. Really, you don’t think I deserve the pix, do you?”, he questioned.

“A friend of mine sent me a video of the carnival designer there saying ‘let’s show this lady what we are capable of on the avenue’. I loved that, it must have shown, right, the Empress in the first place. No, my loves . I deserve a pix, please “, finished.

Netizens celebrated the school’s victory and recalled Antonia’s speech. “I wonder how Antonia is now”, wrote the former BBB João Pedrosa. Another user, who identifies himself as Mari, posted “Why do you cry, Antonia?”.

Source: Folha

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