Justice forbids Titi Müller to talk about her ex-husband, who admitted to assaulting her


Titi Müller, 36, has been banned from talking about her ex-husband, musician Tomás Bertoni, and also about his family on social media since September 2022. presenter made the decision public and classified it as a “gag”.

“There is an injunction that my ex-husband asked for, so that I would not quote him — and people from his family — on social networks under a fine. So this is absolutely unconstitutional. Anyway, I’m there under a gag”, he said.

Their marriage lasted two years and ended in August 2021. They have a three-year-old son together, named Benjamin. According to statements Titi gave to Justice, and which Andréia Sadi’s blog had access to, the actress claims that the violence she suffered persisted even after the end of the relationship. wanted by F5the Court of Justice of São Paulo states that the process is conducted in secrecy of justice and that it cannot pass on information.

She said that, in addition to the increase in physical violence, she also suffered institutional and psychological violence, which began during her pregnancy, in 2020. Titi appealed to the judiciary only in August 2021.

On social networks, the presenter’s communication team claims that a restrictive measure was issued, on February 13 of this year, to “ensure her physical integrity”. According to the report, Tomás admitted, in the presence of the couple’s then-lawyer, that he practiced verbal, physical and psychological violence against Muller—under the condition that the information remain confidential for 15 years.

According to lawyer Ana Carolina Fleury, who represents Titi, the presenter wants her ex-husband to be accused of everything that happened. “She is a self-sufficient and financially independent woman. This whole search for justice situation was really for her to see her ex-partner responsible for all demands and mainly in the search for a healthy and responsible coexistence and raising their child” , she said.

The report was unable to locate Tomás Bertoni’s defense.

Source: Folha

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