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Two shows of it the “Neighborhoods on a Plate” with Dimitris Skarmoutsos and the “Happy Traveler” with Eftichis Bletsas were winners of the FEA Awards (Food Expert’s Awards), which took place in Thessaloniki on Saturday, February 18.

The shows were awarded in the Great Food Media Performer category with Dimitris Skarmoutsos receiving the Gold Award and Eftichis Bletsas the Silver Award.

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The FEAs are international awards for innovation and excellence in the food and drink industry, where independent, renowned food industry market scientists assess the nominations with the aim of encouraging and rewarding hard and innovative work.

The goal of the Great Food Media Performer category, in which the SKAI broadcasts were awarded, is to encourage and reward communication media (TV shows, radio shows, magazines, websites, podcasts, etc.) that produce and transmit important information about food to the public as well as to professionals. Content may cover food safety, food technology, food science, nutrition, food heritage and culture, customer experience, gastronomy, fine food, vegan nutrition, wellness, food market, etc.

Food Expert's Awards 2023