André Janones and Paula Burlamaqui together? It seems so


Maria Paula Giacomelli

Actress Paula Burlamaqui, 56, and federal deputy André Janones, 38, are piquing the curiosity of followers after sharing several clicks together. The first of them was posted on the artist’s profile on January 7, when she stated that it was “a joy” to meet Janones.

“What a joy to be able to meet this person who was so important in the process of resuming democracy in our country”, he wrote in the caption of a photo with his face glued to his. A week later, the two saw each other again, accompanied by actresses Monica Martelli and Maria Ribeiro, and Paula shared a record of the night.

“Blessed is the fruit”, commented André in the publication, accompanied by a laughing emoji. From then on, the actress seems excited about the — is it? — New friendship and posted three more records with the politician, and demonstrated that she would miss Janones when he had to leave Rio de Janeiro.

“Rio de Janeiro is already missing you, come back soon”, he said, and emphasized the message with the image of a heart. But it seems that the period away did not last long, since on February 5th Paula shared with her followers that she met Janones again during a night out with friends, with the presence of actress Rhay Polster, who starred in “Verdades Secretas 2” (Globo) and director Luciano Rabelo.

Even in the period of revelry that is Carnival, the two did not let go of each other and enjoyed the Arara cabin together, in Sapucaí. The actress’s last public relationship was with actor Edu Reyes, with whom she was married for six years.

wanted by F5, Paula Burlamaqui and André Janones did not return about a possible relationship. Questioned by the Extra newspaper, the actress claims that the two are “just friends”.

Source: Folha

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