A woman ruthless in the hunt for power and wealth. A man who lost family and property in a violent way and seeks justice for all that was taken from him. A girl looking for her childhood friend and their carefree back. Everyday people in extreme situations. Sensitive people with a need for justification. Cruel people with a thirst for revenge.

The heroes of his drama series , “Wild Earth”, loved by television audiences, are confronted with the truth. In the shocking final episode, today at 18.50, the catharsis comes for everyone.

Olga (Z. Douka), in her attempt to put an end to and get rid of the threat of Aris (S. Michael), shoots at him. Elpida (P. Vitetzakis), however, in a self-sacrificing move, steps in front of her lover and is seriously injured. Although he is not at fault, he risks paying for everyone’s mistakes and lies. Ares, devastated, can do nothing to help her. He thinks that Olga must pay for her sins and the injustices she has done to everyone – she expects Elpida to come out victorious from this battle and walk together from now on.

Stefanos (P. Skarmeas), learns that Aris and he are brothers, and now it’s time to put aside their differences and resume their relationship from where they left it when they were children, close to their mother Myrto (M. Zorba ).

Rena (E. Asimakopoulou) cannot bear any more lies and tells the truth to Antonis (X. Stylianou), that the child she is expecting is not his but George’s (O. Tziovas). Manos (Th. Patriarcheas) and Nadia (A. Andreovits) are trying to start their family, having little John with them.

At the end of the story, one family falls apart, while another finds its bonds. Everyone faces the lies they told and their responsibilities, finding the strength to move on after the mistakes they made, while justice for those wronged seems to be near. A death seals the end of Ares’ revenge, leaving room for forgiveness and love.