Preta Gil talks about chemo and hair loss: ‘I’m not worried, then we’ll see what to do’


Singer and businesswoman Preta Gil, 48, shared with her fans this Saturday (4) updates about her treatment for bowel cancer. The artist, who is undergoing chemotherapy, said that she left the hospital feeling better after her last hospitalization and that the work routine has been missed.

“For a hyperactive woman like me, at the peak of my productivity, staying at home is a challenge. But it’s also a learning experience”, she vented, in a video posted on Instagram stories.

Questioned by a follower about how she intends to deal with hair loss, she said that she cannot use the cryotherapy cap and that she has been taking vitamins to alleviate hair loss, but that this is not her concern at the moment.

“My hair is going to fall out. It might fall a little, it might fall a lot. It’s already falling out, a lot of strands, but not tufts. It’s losing volume. But I’m not worried about that. Not at all. I’ll let it happen whatever happens, then we’ll see what happens”, said the singer.

Preta explained that she has chosen to go to hospital each time she undergoes a new stage of chemotherapy treatment, as she feels safer to deal with the side effects being in a hospital than at home. Every 12 days, she needs to return for a stay of up to three days.

“I think the body will understand how the drugs, how the chemo will act. Your body will also react. [se] encouraging you to get better by eating well, sleeping well, supplementing what you need to supplement. I’m feeling like I’m getting better every week,” she said.

The singer stated that her lifestyle has changed significantly and that she is strictly careful about her sleep and food. Even when she feels weak or tired, she added, she makes a point of sticking to her skincare routine to ease the dryness caused by chemotherapy.

“There are two months of treatment, there are still two more months to go. We are there in search of that cure that has already arrived”, he said.

Preta also thanked everyone who has been cheering for her recovery. “I felt, in life, this pulsating love for me from you, from people I know, people I don’t know, who pray for me, from all religions. This is truly a gift.”

Source: Folha

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