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BBB 23: Bruna Griphao comes out in defense of Marvvila: ‘Those who don’t have a glass ceiling should throw the first stone’


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Ana Cora Lima

The climate remains tense at BBB 23 after the formation of the eighth Paredão. After Marvvila complained that both the participants of the Fundo do Mar Room and the Desert Room are frowning at the singer, Bruna Griphao decided to come out in defense of her sister. The actress even analyzed the behavior of some of the brothers. “Errors have to be pointed out as they were, but we don’t need to humiliate anyone. Everyone is liable to make mistakes,” she said.

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Bruna continued: “Everyone has a glass ceiling. Those who don’t have a glass ceiling should throw the first stone. And the mistake I’m judging today could be the mistake I’ll make tomorrow”, he countered when commenting with Aline Wirley about the conversation he had with Marvvila in the house’s pantry.

The singer complained that “she was being ignored more” than when Cristian Vanelli made gossip involving Paula Freitas and all the allies. She even admitted that she was wrong to vote for Amanda instead of following the group in choosing Larissa Santos. Bruna took the opportunity to calm her down: “But here things change quickly. You remember that there was a week when everyone was hating Facinho (Ricardo Camargo) and now everyone is loving him. Things happen here, the important thing is that you keep strong”, commented Bruna.

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The singer completes: “Being compared to people who were actually mean, and I know I wasn’t mean. , complained citing the name of Cezar Black.

They take the opportunity to be on the hook to talk all day, all week. And that’s what I’m seeing from some people, mainly Cezar, who always did that, but now it’s more than clear. He’s on everyone’s mind, the whole house, Sarah, everyone… And when Cristian did what he did, which was mean, I didn’t see it happen.”

Source: Folha

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