Preta Gil announces that she will undergo surgery after completing chemotherapy sessions


Ana Cora Lima

Preta Gil , 48, will undergo surgery after completing chemotherapy sessions. The singer shared the news in a video posted on social media. According to her, the operation should take place at the end of May. “I still have four more rounds of chemotherapy. Then five more weeks of radiotherapy. Then surgery,” she explained.

Gilberto Gil’s daughter gave no details about the procedure. Recently, Preta reassured fans about the treatment against bowel cancer, which was diagnosed in January of this year. She was hospitalized for six days at Clínica São Vicente, in the South Zone of Rio, due to a discomfort she felt and, after examinations, she discovered an adenocarcinoma.

According to Sobed (Brazilian Society of Digestive Endoscopy), adenocarcinoma is a malignant tumor that can affect various segments of the digestive tract, including the large intestine. It usually appears as a small polyp that in about ten years grows in size and evolves into adenocarcinoma.

Preta, then, revealed that she is fine. “I came to say that I’m fine. I’ve completed my fourth cycle of chemotherapy and I still have a long way to go.” The singer also said that she is excited about the process of curing the disease.

“I thank God that I am alive, that I have the opportunity to treat myself, that I have a support network, love, faith, God in my heart, my orishas. I just thank you. This will pass”, he continued to calm the fans. “My intention is to exchange information so that we all stay well”, he concluded.

Source: Folha

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