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Conte: “I was delighted when they told me he only needed one operation”


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He spoke about his absence from Tottenham’s benches Antonio Conte at the press conference for the second leg of his “16” phase Champions League with the Milan (08/03, 22:00).

The Italian technician was diagnosed with cholecystitis and it was deemed necessary to undergo surgery, which was completed with complete success and he will normally be in the replay.

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This kind of situation can happen and I found out after the surgery that many of my friends had the same surgery. It was an emergency operation, not a planned one and that is very different.

I had previously heard a lot of sad news and when I was told that only one operation was needed for this reason, I was delighted. Because you never know what might happen. Now I’m fine, I’ve regained energy and need to regain weight. I try to transmit my energy to my players, it’s an important game for us. It is important for me to work with my players and staff and prepare for the matches. From a distance I tried to stay very close to my players using video. Being present is completely different and I have to say thank you to all the staff.

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We live for these moments, because when the pressure is up, it means your level is up. Don’t forget that last season we played in the Conference League. This season we are playing in the Champions League. If you ask me if I want to win the Champions League, I would say yes, but then there is the reality. We have to go game by game” were the words of the 53-year-old coach.

Let’s remember that Tottenham had been defeated by 1-0 at the San Siro from Milan and will need a major upset to find themselves in the quarter-finals of Europe’s top competition.

Edited by: Christos Lois

Source: Sport Fm

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