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Leo Stronda becomes evangelical and leaves Bonde da Stronda: ‘It doesn’t make sense anymore’


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Singer Leo Stronda announced via Instagram that he converted to the evangelical religion and left the group Bonde da Stronda, formed in 2006. “It no longer makes sense to sing and behave as before if today I believe in the truth and defend another doctrine”, began the boy who shared vocals with Diego Thug.

Stronda also said that the decision to leave the group did not affect his friendship with Diego, who supported him and respected his choice. “I can no longer eat at the world’s table after being vivified in the Holy Spirit. I am not perfect, but the search for improvement based on his word cannot cease.”

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Stronda and Thug formed a famous duo among teenagers in the early 2000s due to the lyrics of their songs, always with a lot of ostentation, money, women and sex. Over the past five years, Leo has also become a reference in the fitness world by recording videos about weight training and nutrition. It also showed the changes in the body.

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Leo said that, after going through existential crises, he had a spiritual revelation about “what is really worth it” and went on to say that he had an encounter with Jesus after suffering a domestic accident. He had almost 40% of his body burned in a gas explosion in his home.

“I needed to let go of the old man and I needed to change my lifestyle, change my habits and follow the Bible as much as I can. I distanced myself from many people (…), I stopped drinking (…), and even the relationship I had had, we decided to end it. We began to understand that we needed to have a spiritual maturity with God.”

Finally, he thanked the fans for their support. “I appreciate the affection and all the love you’ve always given me and I hope you understand and are happy for me too. He lives and is coming back”, he ended.

Source: Folha

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