Alcione will be the theme of the Mangueira parade in 2024


Sambista Alcione, 75, said yes to Mangueira’s invitation to be the theme of the samba school’s plot at Carnival 2024. The announcement was made this Monday (13).

According to the school, the plot was a dream of President Guanayra Firmino ten years ago. Alcione received the direction of the school in her house and agreed to have her life portrayed in the Sambadrome.

“I am very honored and moved by the invitation. I never imagined such a tribute”, she said.

The plot will be launched on April 28, on Mangueira’s 95th anniversary.

A faithful Mangueirense, Alcione founded the junior samba school Mangueira do Amanhã, the art center and a support center for the association.

The singer has already been the theme of other samba schools in Rio de Janeiro, São Luís, Juiz de Fora and São Paulo, where Mocidade Alegre was runner-up in 2018 with the theme “A Voz Marrom Que Não Let Samba Die”.

“It was the best feeling in the world to be honored by a people’s school such as the Mocidade Alegre community. Organized, a wonderful drum set and in São Paulo, people enjoying it. I feel honoured”, celebrated Marrom on the occasion.

Mangueirenses celebrated the choice for Carnival next year and said they had been waiting for it for several years.

“A requested plot that will be embraced by all. Alcione is a queen, her story and that of Mangueira have always crossed paths”, said one of them. “It really was a cry from the nation. Congratulations to everyone who had the sensitivity and humility to hear what the people of Mangueirense wanted,” said another.

Source: Folha

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