A man broke into her house Rihanna in Los Angeles and proposed to her. The man was immediately intercepted by the famous singer’s security team and the police were called.

The man claimed he was there to propose to the singer and Rihanna’s team immediately called the police. Officers immediately arrived at the scene and after a thorough investigation, the man was released without charge.

Although the man was not found to have broken any law, he was escorted off the premises and advised not to return. This isn’t the first time Rihanna’s home has been targeted by an “intruder.” In 2018, a man, Eduardo Leon, was arrested inside her home in the Los Angeles area. Leon was reportedly in the home for at least a day before he was discovered. He allegedly told authorities he was there to have sex with Rihanna.

The incident raised concerns about celebrity safety and privacy and opened a debate about what steps stars should take to protect themselves.

Many celebrities, including Rihanna, employ round-the-clock security teams to protect their homes and families. The incident also served as a reminder that despite their fame and wealth, celebrities are still vulnerable to threats and attacks.