“Avant Garde” at today’s Gala of “My Style Rocks” on SKAI, with the players invited to respond to the harbinger theme for fashion, in which future trends and innovative options appear much earlier.

Seleni was absent from today’s catwalk once again, which resulted in the last three players in the standings at the end of the day being in front of the judges, in order to decide who will leave the competition (the players did not have the option to save some).

The players didn’t seem to have fully grasped the concept with Nicole and Christiana being off topic and not having thoroughly studied the topic of the day.

Iliana Papageorgiou did not like Vasiliki’s choice of crinoline at all, reminding her of several accidents and deaths of women, considering it somewhat macabre. A condition that also brought the “ace” to her rating.

The “My Style Rocks” judge made her presence felt again after Olga’s catwalk, when a fight broke out between her and Nicole, Vasiliki. “Shut up anyway, I’m talking now,” she said, putting an end to the girls’ argument about the existence of a clique.

The atmosphere was “lightened” by the new player, Irini Kazaki, who during her appearance made everyone burst out laughing with her explanation of her current choices. Players and judges laughed heartily, with herself looking puzzled after her contradictory answer.

Irini Papavasileiou was crowned the winner of the week, “winning” the judges with her appearance and concept, as well as first place and 2,500 euros.

Candidates for leaving were Christianna, Nicole and Reyna, with the last of them “saying goodbye” to the competition after the judges’ choice, causing the tears of Nicole who “bent”.