BBB 23: Marvvila is concerned about criticism from Fred Nicácio: ‘Maybe he’s working overtime’


The returns of Larissa Santos and Fred Nicácio moved the brothers and sisters of BBB 23. This Friday afternoon (24), Marvvila was thoughtful after a conversation with the doctor and then isolated herself in the Fundo do Mar Room. She was crying a lot when Cezar Black approached and wanted to know what was going on. The singer, then, told the nurse that she believes she is “doing overtime in the game” and considered the possibility of going out on the next Paredão.

“I don’t know if maybe I’m working overtime for the public, you know? If that’s what they think maybe I’d better go,” said Marvvila. Black softened the situation: “No, but I don’t think so, Marvvila, you know? It was good that Fred came [Nicácio] to show us things that we can’t understand in here”, commented the brother.

The brother even advised that she could use this situation as a warning and a new opportunity to change and do things differently, in addition to stating that many people out there like her. “Be yourself. Just stand up for yourself in a different way. Here, what people seem to want to see is that, you stand up for yourself. It’s to fight, fight, if you want to talk, talk”, advised Cezar.

Marvvila did not tell her confinement colleague about the scolding she took from Fred for opening Dania Mendez’s suitcase when the Mexican arrived at the house. “Put yourself in the place of someone who is having their suitcase opened. Isn’t it strange if it happens to you? Isn’t it invasive?”, questioned the doctor and Marvvila rebelled that she and Fred were suspicious of her sister.

“It doesn’t matter if she’s an actress, if she’s not an actress. It matters that that suitcase is hers. I’m not going to open anyone’s suitcase here, why do I have the right to open hers? Why did I suspect? No. I’m going to find out whether or not it is in other ways and not messing with something that is private to it”, acknowledged Nicácio.

Source: Folha

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