He destroyed Bayern and Armani continues for the… miracle!


Heading full speed for one of the biggest surprises of recent years, although it still has a way to go, the Armani. The Italians broke it up Bayern Munich in Milan (99-74) and they want to make the colpo grosso by entering the eight of the Euroleague!

After this result the winners went up to 14-16along with Valencia and Ephesus, while on the other hand the Bavarians retreated to 11-19 and are threatened by Panathinaikos. The first scorer was Obst with 27 points, while o Napier with 20.

The match

Any talk of the first quarter is meaningless as Armani Milano dismantled Bayern Munich with attacking magic and dogged defending, showing their teeth early on. The +17 (25-8) early on, it was kind of like a pre-economy of what was to come. The Italians sent the gap even to +23 (34-11), although nuggets of reaction slowly appeared, with Obst putting in a career performance to cut it to -13 at half-time (49-36).

Shots by Thomas and Shields opened the gap to +21 (69-48), with the Germans fighting in every way to balance things (69-54), which Baron did not leave at the end of the third quarter (72-54). The last period was simply procedural in nature, with the difference even reaching +29 (99-70) towards the final, but the final 99-74 to be… a little.

Detailed statistics

Source: Sport Fm

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