Pabllo Vittar says he will take Lil Nas X to Anitta’s party


Friday (24) is for Lollapalooza, but also for Anitta’s party. The pop singer will celebrate her 30th birthday with an invitation-only event, in São Paulo, tonight, and one of the presences has already been confirmed: that of Pabllo Vittar.

In an interview with Multishow, right after Lil Nas X’s show, the drag queen said that she will be at Anitta’s celebration – and that she will take the American rapper with her. “We’ve been friends on the social network for a while and today he invited me to sing on stage for a song that hadn’t even been released yet. I was happy, we’re going to break everything on Anitta’s birthday”, she guaranteed.

The artist was also present in the North American’s dressing room. “I thanked him for all the representativeness he brings to the events. He is always very humble, but he knows he carries a great responsibility”.

In the final list of Anitta’s party, there must be about 500 names, which is not much for her party standards. “I cut several rancids. And there are several new people too, cool. But there are several rancids cut! I only want people I know at the party. I don’t want to look to the side and see people I don’t know”, said the singer, in her account on Instagram, on Monday (20).

Source: Folha

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