If you think about it, bed and exercise would hardly fit in the same reasoning. Either you’ll lie down and relax in your comfortable bed, or you’ll be away from it and, in the best of cases, you’ll be moving enough to say you’ve done some exercise.

Is not that right; Or maybe not;

Could these two be combined? Yes, according to the “lazy workout”, a new fitness trend that is here to stay and bring many smiles to those who constantly put off their relationship with the gym.

The “lazy workout” is the best way to combine the best of both worlds: You can continue to relax in bed, in the company of your favorite Netflix marathon, while at the same time working a few muscles and raising your heart rate, without you work very hard.

It’s a low-impact, gentle movement workout that requires no equipment. It essentially consists of exercises that you can do in a sitting or horizontal position. In any case, even this gentle activity can prove beneficial, especially when you feel tired, when you are sick or when you want to enter the world of fitness with hesitation and slow steps.

Check out 11 exercises recommended by Bustle to incorporate “lazy training” into your daily routine:

1. Floor workout – 7 minutes

In this super short workout from Fit by Lys you’ll try exercises like donkey kicks, glute bridges and tricep presses, working your major muscle groups. Lys also shows you techniques to modify each move, increasing or decreasing their degree of difficulty depending on your preference.

2. Low Impact Training – 10 minutes

You can do this quick workout from Grow with Jo while lying in bed or on the couch. No equipment is needed, just you, some pillows and 10 movements that you will do for 60 seconds each. By the time you finish the program, you will definitely feel the burn in your muscles.

3. Slow workout – 12 minutes

This video from MadFit is meant to ease PMS and period pain, but it also works on days when you don’t have much energy. Each of the elastic, low-intensity movements lasts for 30 seconds and focuses on eliminating muscle tension.

4. Training in a horizontal position – 10 minutes

Try this routine from Vicky Justiz when you just don’t feel like hitting the gym. He will guide you through exercises that will work your back, legs and abs. The moves are quite challenging, but the workout will be over before you know it.

5. Dance training in a seated position – 12 minutes

If you’re in the mood to get moving, but don’t have the energy to step out the door, check out this video, which features choreographed moves that allow you to work certain muscles while getting your heart rate up. You will do various movements with your whole body without even having to get up from where you are sitting.

6. Morning workout – 10 minutes

MonikaFit’s morning workout is one you should try as soon as you get out of bed in the morning. Stay in your pajamas as you try the program’s exercises, without any equipment. Ten minutes later, you’ll feel like you have all the energy you need to start your day.

7. Full body workout in bed – 12 minutes

Dayana Wang is probably the queen of creating workouts you can do from bed. In this video, he walks you through leg raises, planks, wide knee squats, and other exercises that are easy to do even on the cramped surface of your mattress. So simple.

8. Training with pillows – 10 minutes

If you’re surrounded by cozy pillows in your warm bed, but think you’d like to burn some calories, try this routine from Cassy Ho of Blogilates. This includes exercises that will work the abs, thighs and other muscles, while the only equipment you need is your soft pillows. Try it and then you can go back to sleep.

9. Chair training – 20 minutes

This workout from Coach Kim at Vive Health is the epitome of relaxation. He’ll guide you through easy chair exercises like arm movements and spinal twists, just what your body needs to feel better.

10. Bed workout – 20 minutes

It’s a full-body workout from Emi Wong that lets you lie down while working out. It consists of 20 exercises that work the abs, arms, legs, thighs, calves, everything.

11. Gentle Pilates – 35 minutes

Try this relaxed Pilates workout on the floor while watching a movie. The Move with Nicole routine is perfect for those times when you want to move a little, but can’t bear to break a sweat. Despite all this, the workout is still effective: It starts with a relaxed horizontal position and continues with gentle lifts and fluid lifts – doable even when you feel like you can’t bear to push yourself.