Guimê says that fight for property in court took his peace: ‘Dream became a nightmare’


After being expelled from BBB 23, the singer MC Guimê, finally, can give his version on the extensive court case of a mansion bought by him in Alphaville (SP) and which has generated legal fights over the last eight years. He would have a debt of almost R$ 3 million with the property.

Last month, Justice determined that his ex-wife, singer Lexa, had money blocked for the discharge of part of that amount. According to the owners, the musician would have stopped paying about R$ 777 thousand.

“An extremely exhausting subject that has already put me through unpleasant moments. A dream that became a nightmare. At the end of 2015, I decided to buy the house and didn’t have time to follow up on negotiations. I entrusted these tasks to some people. Trusting them, I signed a bad contract and I had no idea of ​​the problems it would bring me”, he began in a speech on social networks.

“I paid and did not enter the house, I saw that something was wrong. When I thought it would be resolved, I was notified of another legal owner of the house and I was urgently paying for someone and another owner appeared. I made an agreement with payments of more than Rs $ 1 million and I continued fulfilling duties to get the property or not to lose everything, because I had already lost time and peace”, he said.

The owners went to court demanding the termination of the property contract and the payment of compensation for fruition, that is, for the time he used the house. In October 2020, Guimê had been convicted in the first instance. The process is being carried out in secrecy of justice, but ended up leaking.

“This extensive legal fight was only getting worse. In 2021, I decided to leave the property for another home while the process was being resolved. He says he won’t talk about the case anymore.

Source: Folha

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