For more than 30 years, his residence Freddie Mercury in London it was untouched, like a temple dedicated to the legendary superstar of the rock band Queen who died in 1991, aged 45.

Now its contents – from Freddie Mercury’s dazzling stage costumes and handwritten lyrics to paintings and beautiful objects collected on his travels – are to be shown in London, New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong before being sold in auction, according to a report in “The Guardian” newspaper.

Among the items is a crown modeled after the St Edward’s Crown, which the UK’s King Charles III will wear at his coronation next weekend, and the accompanying red velvet, faux fur and rhinestone cloak.

Mercury donned the mantle for a final rendition of ‘God Save the Queen’, which closed the band’s last live show at Knebworth in 1986.

Handwritten lyrics to ‘We are the Champions’, Queen’s seminal anthem sung by die-hard fans live, are estimated to sell for up to £300,000.

Mercury’s Kensington residence, Garden Lodge, was his retreat from his flamboyant public persona, and he decorated it with artworks including Victorian paintings and works by 20th-century artists, glass works and Japanese art and textiles.


Freddie Mercury items

he left Garden Lodge and its contents to Mary Austin, one of his closest and most trusted friends. “For many years now, I have had the joy and privilege of living surrounded by all the wonderful things Freddy spotted and loved so much. But the years have passed and the time has come for me to make the difficult decision to close this very special chapter in my life…” Austin said.

The major exhibition of around 1,500 Freddie Mercury art and objects from Gardne Lodge will be hosted at Sotheby’s London gallery in August and will run until Mercury’s 77th birthday. Six auctions will follow in September.

Freddie Mercury items