The maritime unions on the occasion of its celebration Labor Day have announced for Monday 24-hour nationwide strike in all categories of ships.

The mobilization will start at 00.01 in the morning on Monday May 1st and will end at 24.00 at midnight of the same day.

Maritime unions will participate in the strike gatherings in Piraeus at 11:00 in the morning, while seamen’s guarding groups will be present in the ports of Attica and in the rest of the country’s ports.

“We pay tribute to those who fought and many times gave their lives for the rights of seafarers, but also of all the workers of the land”, emphasizes in his message on the occasion of the celebration of Labor Day the general secretary of PNOManolis Tsikalakis.

He points out that the naval workforce fights every day for the problems of colleagues, defending the process of collective negotiations, the repeal of the laws on the reduced organic compositions of ships and their staffing, with the aim of protecting human life at sea.

Mr. Tsikalakis states that this year’s Labor Day is particularly overshadowed by the ongoing war in Ukraine with its thousands of innocent victims, but also by the civil war that has been raging in Sudan for the last few days, our uprooted fellow human beings and the rest of the conflicts in various parts of planet.