By name “Atelier Jolie”the famous actress Angelina Jolie launches her own clothing line. In a post on her personal Instagram account, she announced the new venture to her 14.3 million followers.

The new project is expected to launch in the fall and according to the star is a place “for creative people who will be able to work with a specialized and diverse family of expert tailors, pattern makers and artisans from around the world.”

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A source told People that the venture has been “years in the making. Jolie wants to focus on respecting and highlighting the people who are rarely credited for making the clothes, fabrics and embroidery, and is creating a space where people can be more creative and original, focusing on craftsmanship and quality, which leads to less waste,” an important undertaking for the actress, who often recycles the clothes she wears on the red carpet and beyond.

According to the actress the idea “comes from my appreciation and deep respect for the many tailors and manufacturers I have worked with over the years, from my desire to use high quality vintage materials and fabrics and at the same time to be part of a movement that promotes more personal expression”.