Perhaps the most tear-jerking episode of all of Survivor was the one we watched on Wednesday night. The Survivors competed for the “top prize” on offer. However, they discovered it just before the start of the match, with Giorgos Lianos not telling them the truth in the first place.

The players, after learning that their loved ones were inside the van, were looking forward to each meeting their own person. Giorgos Lianos called them one by one and they had a few minutes of interaction that recharged their batteries. The moment when Giorgos Asimakopoulos saw his mother was special, and of course the meeting of Takis with his daughter Raphaelia.

Immediately after, the mercenary asked to leave the game as the only thing that matters to him, he said, is his daughter. Giorgos Lianos with subtle manipulations brought him back to class, reminding him that he has been fighting for her for so long.

The big first win out of the two they need in total for the prize – dinner with the relatives, was won by the Reds, who now clearly have a shorter way to go than their opponents.