A series of exciting events and twists come before the eyes of the audience of the highly anticipated second season of HBO Max’s ‘Sex and The City/And Just Like That’.

The iconic Carrie Bradshaw – in other words Sarah Jessica Parker – tries to cope with the sudden death of Mister Big (Chris Noth) and move on with her life.

Her best friends Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York, played by Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis, are always by her side.

“You don’t move forward because you’re ready. You’re moving on because you’ve outgrown who you were,” Carrie says at the start of the highly-anticipated season two trailer.

The season will consist of eleven episodes and will premiere on June 22.

According to the “Hollywood Reporter”, the first trailer for the series “And Just Like That”, however, does not show any evidence that reveals the long-awaited appearance of Kim Cattrall in the unforgettable role of Samantha Jones, news that was announced just hours before the release of.

Sarita Chanderi, Nicole Ari Parker and Karen Pittman return to their roles alongside David Aigenberg, Mario Cantone, Evan Handler and Niall Cunningham.

However, Kim Cattrall is expected to appear in a scene in the upcoming second season of the “Sex and the City” reboot, having a phone conversation with Carrie Bradshaw, according to information from Variety, which is republished by the Times.

Cattrall’s absence was one of the themes of the revival’s first season, which ended with Carrie and Samantha making plans over text to reconcile.

New characters were introduced to the series, although reactions from critics and fans were lukewarm.

The same information, however, spoke of an impressive finale of the season with the beloved Samantha appearing as normal, news that was confirmed by the Max network with a post on twitter that read “Secret revealed”.

However, as Vogue summarizes just like season one and season two, the main plot points of And Just Like That Season 2 will be kept under wraps until release, but that’s not stopping fans from speculating about what could unfold in episodes.

Also in the first season finale, we see Carrie working on advice podcasts after the end of “X, Y, and Me” under the direction of Che Diaz.

Will Carrie continue to “pass on” her wisdom, will Franklin continue to produce her series? Will they finally move on to a relationship or will she return to her emotionally destructive past and embrace Aidan?

And what about Che and Miranda, since the latter has decided to give up her highly competitive summer internship to move to Los Angeles?