Internet fuels conspiracy theories about celebrities, from Taylor Swift to Pikachu; look


It doesn’t matter that they have no basis in reality or make no sense at all, conspiracy theories often spread across the internet. They can have the most outlandish stories: Satanists infiltrated in politics, sects that want to dominate the world or aliens disguised in society without anyone knowing.

Some of these theories feature global celebrities. In common, not only the lack of evidence, but the lack of sense. Many seem to have been created just for the fun of it. See below some

Nicolas Cage is a vampire

This legend began after a photo of a man from the 1800s surfaced for sale on eBay — and he looked just like Nicolas Cage. Fans began to theorize that, to be alive since the 19th century, Cage has to be a vampire. Which obviously doesn’t make sense: everyone knows vampires don’t have a reflection in a mirror and therefore don’t appear in photos.

Cage himself has also denied being a catacomb predator and warned that he does not drink blood. The irony is that, in April of this year, the film “Renfield – Giving Blood for the Boss” premiered — in it, the actor plays the role of Count Dracula.

Katy Perry would be murdered child actress

This theory says that singer Katy Perry is actually child actress JonBenét, whose murder, in 1996, remains unsolved to this day. Conspiracy theorists say the girl would have been hidden until 2008, the year Katy broke out with the hit “I Kissed a Girl”. The idea began to be disseminated from a video on YouTube, which pointed out similarities between the two. Obviously, the idea is just a delusion: Katy was born six years before JonBenét.

Anne Hathaway’s husband is a reincarnation of William Shakespeare

That’s right. Some people believe that the actress’s husband is the reincarnation of the British playwright William Shakespeare. All because, years ago, Hathaway shared a meme on the networks about the author’s wife, saying: “Shakespeare made a deal with his wife: ‘I get famous in this life and you’re famous in the next.” It sounds crazy. And it is.

Avril Lavigne died and was replaced by a usurper

This theory is intertwined with the history of the internet. Legend has it that Avril Lavigne died around the 2000s and was replaced by a look-alike. Those who believe in this are usually looking not only for physical differences between Avril and the alleged usurper, but also trying to point out changes in the artist’s music. Avril has already denied the theory and said that she is very much alive. Even so, some fans were left looking for signs that she was lying when she made that statement.

Faustão and Selena Gomez are lovers

This theory —or fanfic— began in 2016, when Faustão was still on TV Globo. At the time of those final messages that he sent to some people, the presenter mentioned Selena Gomez. That was enough. The story quickly became a meme.

Viewers of Domingão began to look for encrypted messages in the program’s presenter’s speeches that confirmed the theory that he and Selena were dating. When Selena and Justin Bieber got back together in 2017, several fans swore that Fausto sent shades to the couple live.

Faustão is married to Luciana Cardoso.

Taylor Swift died and was replaced

When the American singer released, in 2017, the music video for the song “Look What You Made Me Do”, one of the verses of the song said: “Sorry, the old Taylor can’t answer the phone now… Why? dead”. Some fans went on to say that the verse was meant to be taken literally. But the singer is so alive that she even has concerts in Brazil scheduled for November.

Pikachu too

Yes, this is a theory similar to the one involving Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift. The pokémon Pikachu would have died and been replaced by a look-alike. Animation fans point out inconsistencies between the TV show and the films in the franchise. Enthusiasts of the more skeptical Japanese cartoon say that the differences are due to Pikachu having lost weight. Oh good.

Source: Folha

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