The tragic images they saw in the city of Tinos on the coastal road, because of her uncontrolled dumping of waste outside the bins with dozens of garbage bags, they mobilized the local authorities.

The mayor of the island, Yiannis Siotos, accompanied by the president of the Municipal Port Fund, Eugenia Alimonou, they filed a lawsuit to the Port Authority of Tinos in order to start the investigation of the case and to assign responsibilities to those who carried out this action, completely disregarding the sad image of the island and in fact during the tourist three days of the Holy Spirit.

“That shame she cannot go unpunished. Complaint on the same day to the Port Authority of Tinos and investigation by beach cameras for the perpetrators who will be held accountable for this unacceptable behavior”, said Mr. Siotos.

“This image not only does not honor you who did it, but it should worry you… Advice to stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself, because meeting him will be your harshest judge… I as human being, in addition to status, I am worried and saddened”, stressed from her side Mrs. Woe to you.