The “Thor: Love and Thunder” her Marvel it may have been a box office success with box office receipts reaching $760 million worldwide, but many Marvel fans dismissed it as finding the writer-director’s humor Taika Waititi stupid and the visual effects of the film unattractive.

The actor Chris Hemsworth (Chris Hemsworth) is aware of the negative impression that the fourth ‘Thor’ film made on fans and admitted to GQ magazine that ‘Love and Thunder’ was ‘pretty silly’.

“I think we had a lot of fun. It just got really silly,” Hemsworth said of the film. “It’s always hard to be in it and get the real picture… I love the process, it’s always a ride. But you just don’t know how people are going to react.”

Hemsworth said his biggest critics were his son’s friends. “It’s a bunch of eight-year-olds criticizing my film. We thought this had a lot of humor, the action was nice, but the VFX weren’t that good,” he said.

Hemsworth has starred in a total of eight Marvel movies, and just because ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ was ‘so stupid’ doesn’t mean he’s against doing more. The actor is currently not under contract for any other Marvel films. He really wants to do “some other things for a while,” but he’ll come back if it’s a creative opportunity.

“I love the experience,” he said, adding: “I love the fact that I got to do something quite different. ‘Thor 1’ and ‘Thor 2’ were another thing, ‘Thor 3’ and ‘4’ had a very different perspective.”