Influencer who went up the ramp with Lula says he should be charged by those who feel threatened in their rights


Tony Goes

On January 1st of this year, Ivan Baron was part of the group that went up the ramp of the Planalto Palace alongside President Lula. The 24-year-old activist from Rio Grande do Norte represented people with disabilities, as well as the LGBTQIA+ community. Baron already had nearly half a million followers on Instagram, but by that afternoon, he had become nationally known.

“I pierced several bubbles that still existed, and that made my work difficult”, he told the F5 at São João da Thay, the charity event organized by influencer Thaynara OG in São Luís (MA). “I talk about inclusion and the anti-capacity struggle, but for a very fragmented audience. Going up that ramp, I managed to reach all social strata, and I gave visibility to the physically disabled. We are the biggest minority of all.”

Ivan, who was invited to the inauguration ceremony by First Lady Janja, started using the internet in 2018. “I didn’t see myself represented in human rights struggles. Whenever the progressive movement spoke, they gave a voice to someone white, straight, cisgender. They put people with disabilities in the “etc.” place. I said, no, guys, we need to be seen.”

The influencer was born without any type of disability, but contracted meningitis at the age of three. One of the consequences of the disease was cerebral palsy – which, despite what the name suggests, does not affect mental abilities, only motor ones.

This Wednesday (6th), a video was released in which names like Mateus Solano and Thiago Lacerda say they are disappointed with Lula, whom they supported during the election campaign, because of the possible dismantling of environmental policies.

Asked, Ivan Baron did not declare explicit support for the artists, but defended the right to criticize the president. “In the first interview I gave to a major communication vehicle, I already said: ‘Look, I went up the ramp with Lula. But I don’t want this climb to be just representative, just a symbol to be used in an election campaign. we who go up the ramp, representing minorities, must and can charge the president, whenever we feel offended or threatened.”

“Lula defeated Bolsonarism. It was an extremely important task. But the fight is not over. We need to remain vigilant, so that our rights are regained and no longer lost.”

(The columnist traveled at the invitation of the organization of the event)

Source: Folha

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