Incredible tension occurred on the set of My Style Rocks on SKAI in Friday’s episode (16/6).

As the days pass and we get closer and closer to the final five, the contestants realize that the margins are closing and everything is fluid.

Even friendships…Especially, bloodshed ignited when it was Seleni Fotiadis’s turn to present her appearance.

When asked about the atmosphere in the game by the judges, she replied that she was glad to see it come to an end because she never felt close to any of her teammates. Her statement raised the question of Emilia Vodos, who felt betrayed by her “friend”.

The situation, in fact, got out of hand when Seleni accused her of attacking her with the intention of psychologically knocking her down, with the two of them not stopping fighting and Emilia answering her “I don’t allow you, it’s over!”

The incredible tension did not leave the jury unaffected either, with Papageorgiou bursting into tears, unable to bear what just happened. “I can’t see you cry” said Iliana, with Dimitris Skoulos rushing to comfort her, while Seleni was also clearly sulking.

In the competition part, Emilia Vodos won over both her teammates and the jury, earning the highest score and becoming the winner of the day.

In fact, this victory gives her a significant advantage, as she secured three additional points that will later be added to her score.

However, the fact that she chose to appear on the set in a dress by Stelios Koudounaris caused the question of Irida Papoutsis, who thought that her co-contestant would be in a more advantageous position than the others with her choice.