Larentzakis: “It was key to our success that we reacted after negative results”


On her radio EEC and on the show “Instant Ripley” he spoke Giannoulis Larentzakis. The double with Olympic he stood on the key to success which was the reaction of the team after the negative results but also the faith that everyone had in their teammate.

At the same time, he spoke about this year’s successful season of the red and whites, while he claimed that his dream is to achieve something big with the National Team.

In detail what he said:

For this season of Olympiakos: “It was definitely a very long season, we started July 20, 2022 and we’re done now. At this level and when your daily life is like this, after a point you consider it routine and continue with it. We really had a very good year this year, we played a very beautiful basketball, everyone understood it and this is very important for us, because with these two titles, the competitive image we had is confirmed”.

What is the reason for this year’s image of Olympiakos: “It’s a bit of everything. Certainly the chemistry of the players and the atmosphere we had, something that starts with the management and a calmness is transferred to the whole team, certainly the coaching staff, the character of the players, that we all “bonded” with each other. Small everyday things, that we worked and that each believed in the other. We proved it, we reached this point and in the Euroleague we were a few seconds away from being the winners. That’s basketball, though, the best man doesn’t always win. Next year we’re going for even better.”

For the “secret” of success: “Certainly when you win your psychology is at a high, the atmosphere is even better, more pleasant, but we showed that even in negative results we always found a way to stay together and react in the next game. I think this is a very important element for the team this year.”

On how easy it was for them to bounce back after losing to Real Madrid in the EuroLeague final: “It was not easy, because the way we lost was very hard. We lost on the last shot, we were ahead the whole game and it really “hurt” us a lot. We made some reaction, some “emptying” and I believe that we have a sweet “taste” left at the end, because the championship ended in a very positive way”.

For this year on a personal level: “I think it was a very good year, definitely my best year in the Euroleague at this level. I want to keep improving, becoming even better and offering more. If the work continues this will not change, I will try to be better and I hope to be even better next year”.

About his relationship with Giorgos Bartzokas: “It’s a long year, with its ups and downs, with tension, pressure, stress. I’m also a kid who will say a couple more things, the coach will also say, but no one is misunderstood, we’ve said it before. The fact that I am at this level is due to a large extent to him.”

For his summer obligations with the national team: “I want to think we’ll be the same team up and down. Certainly some additions were made for the better and I hope that in the new season we will have the same chemistry and the same good atmosphere, so that we can achieve something good”.

About his dream with the National Team: “The ideal scenario would be to make a huge success with the National team. It is my personal dream and goal to do something good with my national team.”

Source: Sport Fm

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