‘Barbie’: Pink is a therapeutic color and is back on trend; expert gives tips on how to use


Solange Lima

Since the Barbie movie was released, a trend called Barbiecore has been making a resurgence and bringing back the popularity of the color pink. However, like all tones, it is essential to use it with balance to enjoy its therapeutic effects. Learn now how to make the proper use of pink.

The influence of the new Barbie movie, especially the first images of Margot Robbie playing the most famous doll in the world, has made pink conquer more space on the catwalks, in celebrity looks and even in advertising campaigns.

In addition to being an aesthetic trend, Barbiecore brings with it a new perspective, which breaks gender standards and embraces femininity as a form of empowerment. To learn more about the feminine in men and women, check here.

Next, we’ll tell you what the meanings of pink are, the benefits it can bring and how to use it therapeutically in clothes, decor and accessories to take advantage of this trend.


Each color has a distinct energy vibration and, when propagated in an environment, it can cause effects both in that space and in the people present. The meaning of each color is studied by chromotherapy (understand better here).

Pink is the combination of red and white, representing the union between earth and sky, material and spiritual, according to the vision of feng shui.

From an energetic point of view, the color pink is closely linked to emotions, affection, affection and, of course, love. Especially romantic love, unlike red, which is associated with passion and desire.

In addition, pink also plays a role in harmonizing and improving communication in relationships, especially affective ones. Therefore, we can say that pink is the color of forgiveness.
Benefits of using rose

  • Pink color works affectivity, making people more affectionate and emotional.
  • It has the power to harmonize and improve communication in relationships, being excellent for use in the bedroom (see more feng shui tips here)
  • It helps to work the energy of love and forgiveness.
  • Assists in accepting differences that cause discomfort.
  • It facilitates reconciliations and the understanding of past hurts and resentments.
  • Contributes to more effective communication, balancing interpersonal relationships.
  • Helps energize female reproductive organs such as ovaries and breasts.
  • Pink acts on our heart chakra, located at the height of the heart, helping to balance this center of love and providing greater stability and confidence.


If you want to jump on the Barbiecore trend and incorporate pink into your lifestyle, now is the time.

Each color attracts a type of fundamental energy for the functioning of our organism. However, it is important to remember that excess can also cause imbalances.

To bring good vibes into your life, you can work with colors during meditation, visualizing beams of light entering your body, or using them in environments, food and clothing. See here a meditation exercise with ho’oponopono with the color pink.

Ideally, each emotion or part of the body should be worked with a specific type of color, according to each person’s needs.

Therefore, it is advisable to consult a chromotherapist or energy therapist, who will be able to guide you on how to use colors to your advantage and enjoy the benefits in your life.

Source: Folha

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