Natalie Portman’s husbandthe French choreographer Benjamin Millepied, he cheated on his wife. It was a scandal that upset the fans of the actress. But the surprise came when it became known that the Oscar-winning actress is not going to divorce and dissolve her marriage so easily.

Their relationship began during the filming of the movie “Black Swan”, in 2009. Both fell in love and, just three years later, they were united in marriage. Together they have two children, Aleph, 11, and Amalia, six.

The actress decided to give her husband a second chance, but he will have to meet some conditions if he wants to remain her husband. This was explained by a source very close to the couple, as “Marca” writes.

Natalie Portman’s terms to her husband after infidelity

“Obviously, there will be terms and, obviously, he’s fine with whatever rules she wants, so if he makes a mistake again, there will be a divorce,” the source said. This infidelity has never been confirmed, although the Voici media confirmed that it was with a well-known French influencer.

However, despite this slip, Natalie Portman is willing to continue their life together, after seeing her husband’s behavior.

“He’s working very hard to win back his wife’s trust, he wants to reassure her and one of the ways is to share all his passwords. He doesn’t go out without her,” the source said.