According to the prognostic data of the National Observatory of Athens /, the peak of the heat wave is expected in the country on Friday 14/07, with the maximum locally reaching 42-43 degrees Celsius.

This will result in the exposure of most of the population to very high maximum temperatures.

As shown in Map 1, about 9 million people will experience temperatures above 39 °C of which 1.5 million people will experience temperatures above 41 °C.

It is noted that the demographic data refer to the permanent residents of each region, while any movements (e.g. due to summer holidays) that temporarily change the local populations have not been taken into account.

Very high temperatures will be noted during the midday hours on Friday 14/07/2023 and in Attica, with the high temperature classification index estimated at maximum level 3.

Characteristic is the Weather Warning Map 2, where in most of the Municipalities of Attica the temperature at noon on Friday 14/07 will reach and locally exceed 40 °C (red shade), while in the eastern and southwestern parts, the maximum temperature expected to reach 37 °C (orange hue).

The map is a product of the Integrated Weather Information and Warning System developed by the Meteo team of the National Observatory of Athens in collaboration with the Region of Attica, with the aim of timely informing and warning the population about severe weather phenomena (temperature, rainfall, gusts wind), as provided by the results of the numerical weather forecast models of the National Observatory of Athens / The results of such collaborations are useful tools for the local government to plan actions to protect the population from extreme weather events.


At the same time, the very hot and dry conditions that already affect the largest part of our country result in the prevalence of fire-meteorological conditions capable of making it difficult to control forest fires that may occur. It is important to emphasize that until Saturday 15 July 2023, the flammability of dead forest fuels is expected to be critically high.

Based on the analysis of available forecast data, the moisture content of dead forest fuels (flammability index) is expected to drop below 10% in several areas of the eastern mainland, remaining at these levels even during the night hours.

Under these fire-meteorological conditions, fire spread will be favored even during the night, making the task of managing and suppressing any forest fires difficult. The two maps in the following graphic summarize the high and very high risk areas for today, Friday July 14, 2023, and tomorrow, Saturday July 14, 2023.