Ken’s clothes on ‘Barbie’ make the character the production’s fashion star


The Barbiecore trend grows ever stronger as the release of the movie “Barbie” approaches on July 20th. With Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in the lead roles, images from the production and the looks worn at premieres already give viewers a taste of what to expect.

Although the eyes are mostly on the blonde, blue-eyed doll, Ken’s look in the film is also a fashion inspiration, especially when it comes to beach looks.

In one scene, the doll wears an open short-sleeved shirt and striped shorts in pink and mint green, while the other characters wear similar ensembles in Hawaiian prints.

The beachwear that the actor wears, however, is not a current trend. In the 1950s, it became popular to wear swimming trunks, shirts, swimming trunks or shorts and matching tops. With the film, brands such as the Spanish Loewe and Casablanca, by French-Moroccan designer Charaf Tajer, created collections of this type.

In an interview with the British newspaper Financial Times, Mats Klingberg, who works in a clothing store in London, England, says he adopted the whole beach style.

“I used to just wear trunks and a T-shirt, but now I’m in the camp collar shirt, hat, sunglasses, a nice towel bag and espadrilles. The whole resort look.”

The beachy Barbicore can also be adapted for everyday work. Professionals who want to break the routine and rigidity of work by wearing jeans or a suit can approach the style this way: as if it were a suit, but with different details and textures.

Source: Folha

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