Nikologiannis: “Two will be cut for the list – Perhaps more people than Dnipro, PAO in Slovakia”


THE Panathinaikos is preparing for the dress rehearsal ahead of Dnipro, as on Tuesday (18/07, 21:00) it faces the very strong Rayo Vagecano in Leoforo, in a friendly for which, earlier, the “green” PAE informed how people can get their ticket. Transferring to News Bulletin 247 the latest news from “camp” of Panathinaikos, o Tasos Nikologiannis referred to the game with the Spanish team, emphasizing: “It is most likely that for a long time with Rayo we will see the eleven that will play with Dnipro. Senkefeld with Magnusson will be in the center of the defense. In general, Panathinaikos will give its strongest friendly».

From there, the team reporter stood on Alexi Truigewho will continue his career in Volos on loan and underlined that after the departure of the Frenchman, two more foreigners will be cut from the listwhich will be announced tomorrow (17/07) by Ivan Jovanovic for the two matches against the Ukrainians.

Regarding the first match, the other Tuesday, in Slovakia, Nikologiannis noted:Panathinaikos will take approx 800 tickets, however, it is expected that many more fans will be on his side, since many will go to the stadium to buy a ticket there. It is possible, that is, that it is more than those of Dnipro, the friends of Panathinaikossince it is not very easy for Ukrainians to leave their country with the current conditions and go to Slovakia».

What Tasos Nikologiannis said in detail:

Source: Sport Fm

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