But let’s go to the somewhat camouflaged ones, those who wear their “good” before meeting you and especially those who laugh and boast about how much they care about you while their aura usually suggests something else.

You must have noticed these characters, can’t you? Maybe you know them from the good side as well as from the other side. And you know something? Human relationships have never been easy and never will be, unless they are true. From the first moment to the last.

It is not difficult

It is honestly not difficult for certain relationships to be true in nature, whether friendly, romantic, or family. It is enough that luck, circumstances, the character you are dealing with, intentions and life itself are on your side. This whole belief might sound a little shallow or a little unemotional, but you know what? It is the whole truth, even if I omit to tell you a few more. So I’ll tell you a few more.

When we lose someone, we are not only “lost”.

Sometimes we have to make choices that will hurt our hearts but heal our souls. And if by “losing” someone, we find peace and peace of mind, then literally we are not only lost.

We live in a world that is highly social by nature and we need contact and communication, which is why the relationships we form with other people are something that concerns us strongly in our daily lives.

The way we relate to our family, to our friends, to our partners, and in general to the other people around us, makes us “important”. It makes us happy, we acquire a higher purpose and of course a meaning in this life. For each of us this meaning is different, but it is still important.

There are relationships that need improvement. Relationships we want to change, maintain or avoid. People and behaviors that annoy us or once annoyed us, embittered us, hurt us, disappointed us. Things we wouldn’t expect someone to say or do. And yet this also happened.

Things and situations that we did not expect to happen even from ourselves and yet they were all ours. The most important thing here? To be aware and recognize by doing our self-criticism, that we have been fair, correct and true and that we have not. This is great, perhaps the greatest of all. Because if your conscience is fine, and you sleep soundly at night, then what could possibly go wrong with yourself?

Human relationships come second. Sorry, but there is no place to apologize here, except to ourselves for all those times we put ourselves second to satisfy someone else’s “wants”, hypocrisy and injustice.

Because we have a good heart. Because we still believe in the goodness of people. Because “he can’t, he will change, he will understand”. Because he’s been through a lot while you haven’t. Because it’s not your time to get what you deserve, only other people’s time. How many ’cause fit in a lifetime? Probably infinite, but it gets somewhere. Somewhere the link itself got bored and let’s use it for everything.

Somewhere your life belongs, and not the lives of others

The steering wheel of our life, for better or for worse, is held by us and not by others. Therefore, the steering wheel of others, no matter how much we want to bring it close to ours, no matter how much it seems to us that it is going against ours, or backwards on the road, I have to tell you that no matter what we do, it will continue to he goes as he pleases. Because everyone’s path, and especially the route, is literally different. And that’s ultimately great. The second most important highlight I would like you to keep from this text.

In other news, and finally, we all make mistakes because we are all human. And since human relationships are like a huge maze, the point is to enter and play. To go in and find out, even if we are disappointed. The point is to realize and finally accept.

No, my friend, call me too, my sweet reader. We don’t apologize to get rid of a guilt that may be tormenting us to restore our image in someone else’s eyes. We apologize because we really feel it and because we have the strength and clarity to realize our wrongs and our right. We apologize because we love, we are human, and we want to build a better foundation for a better human relationship. And somehow you know something? Our world is getting a little bit better. And little by little we will achieve something in this difficult and awkward world.

On the other hand, the harsher side of the truth, know that the more we fight to stay in a relationship that hurts us in the hope of change, the more we hurt ourselves. Until we finally accept reality and realize that we have no choice but to fight to move away from what we are experiencing. So sometimes sticking to something, believe me, does you the greatest harm.

And what are we afraid of? Have you thought about it? Have you ever analyzed it within yourself? If in your effort not to lose someone, you end up losing yourself, doesn’t it seem scarier?

Has it happened to you? Me, yes.

And once or twice. I bet there will be another one, but I thank myself for helping me recognize it, every time I get into the dilemma I put myself in, for the “good” of others. For the “bad” mine.

Sometimes I tell you and please repeat, we have to make choices that will hurt our hearts but heal our souls.

And if you lose someone you wanted so much in your life, and if you find your peace and mental health through their absence, then I am happy to tell you that you are not only lost and lost.

It will always be a huge personal victory, which at some point belatedly you will recognize and solemnly own. Because you tried, because you worked on it, because you were criticized, because you watered your wine so many times that it lost its taste. Because the truth will always be one no matter how much it hurts us. Even if the situations are difficult.

What if the sequel gets too violent? What if you can’t bear to live it? Then, I’m sure you know the following phrase: In tough times, the tough guys go on. They don’t put it down. They keep their heads up.

He continued. For the dignity you never forgot and more so for the truth you will never stop searching for.

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