Friend’s Day: See celebrities who are nail and flesh and you didn’t know


Friend’s Day is celebrated this Thursday (20), but for these celebrities, the friendship they have with their friends is celebrated every year. Carolina Dieckmann has already said that, for her, friendship is as serious a relationship as marriage.

She is a longtime friend of Preta Gil — but, in fact, before they became very friendly, the two hated each other, according to the singer. They only got along with a little push from Ivete Sangalo and with the help of a Nextel device.

“Ivete Sangalo was a friend of the two and got tired of this ride [briga], as they say today, but at the time it was really low. I don’t think we had anyone to talk to. [porque só ambas tinham o eletrônico] so we talked all day with each other,” he said. Check out the gallery for other celebrities who are friends.

The two have already celebrated a lot and, today, they continue to support each other during the treatment against bowel cancer that the artist is facing.

Another pop relationship that remains firm and strong is between Xuxa and Ivete Sangalo. The presenter’s daughter is also very friendly with Bruna Marquezine.

The two have already traveled together and the star of “Besouro Azul” was welcomed by her friend’s mother during the period when she sold her mansion in Rio de Janeiro and was looking for another property.

Source: Folha

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