Barack Obama shows off his musical taste with his summer playlist, which he posted on social media. The former president of America gives this gift to his fans almost every summer, while also proposing a list of his favorite books.

Barack Obama, 61, has revealed his favorite music for the summer, a tradition he’s continued since his time in the White House. This time, his selections are eclectic, ranging from classical to modern music, from emerging artists to established musicians, and from pop to country.

“As I do every year, here are some songs I heard this summer. Can’t wait to hear what I’ve been missing,” Barack Obama wrote in his post.

Barack Obama's list

SZA’s ‘Snooze’ from her recent album SOS was on the list as was Ice Spice and Nikki Minaj’s ‘Princess Diana’ and Boygenius’ ‘Not Strong Enough’. Luke Combs represented country on the list with “Fast Car.”