BBB 22: Arthur Aguiar says that Maíra Cardi authorized him to be with other women


Arthur Aguiar opened up a little bit of his intimacy in a chat with Naiara Azevedo at BBB 22 (Globo). The actor and singer commented on the relationship with his wife, Maíra Cardi, with whom he reconciled after a noisy separation that involved multiple accusations of betrayal on him.

To the confinement colleague, he said that the former BBB and businesswoman was more hurt by him not revealing to her the fence jumps than with the betrayal itself. That’s because she would have said that he could be with other women, as long as the two of them talked first.

“What hurt her was not the betrayal, what hurt her the most was the lack of loyalty”, he evaluated. “She always said to me from the beginning, ‘If one day you’re attracted to another woman and you want to [ficar], speak to me. We can bring her into the relationship, have an experience. Or I can say, ‘Go there if you’re horny’.”

The fact that the betrayals took place after they became the parents of the girl Sophia, now 3 years old — also weighed heavily — Maíra was already the mother of a boy, Lucas, who is 21 years old. “We decided to have a daughter, which she didn’t want at first, and that changes a woman’s whole life,” she recalled. “She made herself available to it and I went to live another life, not with her.”

“The point is not the betrayal itself, it is the lack of loyalty, partnership and affective responsibility,” he said. “Like, ‘I decided to change my life, and you just went on to do something else?’.”

“What hurt her wasn’t that I cheated, it was that I wasn’t loyal to her, that I didn’t give her the opportunity to decide what she wanted,” he continued. “I did it without her knowing, when she had already made that possibility available. That was the main point. In addition to several others…”

After seeing the marriage break up and then resume, Arthur said he is at a different time in his life. “I consider myself a person who is in the process, but very clear on where I am and where I want to go,” he said. “Although I’m not proud, I don’t feel like forgetting, because when we forget, we do it again.”

Maíra Cardi has not publicly commented on the matter.


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