With Bolsonaro investigated, Regina Duarte lowers her tone on the networks and makes art with tree bark


Cleo Guimarães

A staunch defender of the now-investigated ex-president Jair Bolsonaro, Regina Duarte took a break from posts in which she positions herself politically to show her talent for crafts, the cuteness of her kittens and old family images.

“Good Afternoon dear followers! I spent last night playing drawing with tree bark chips”, she announced in the caption of the photo of her manual art. A day later, images of the cats Nina and Branquinha caressing each other on a chair appear on her Instagram feed. “The firstborn of the quartet has redoubled her affection”, narrates Bolsonaro’s former special secretary of Culture.

Her followers noticed the change in the profile of the posts and some of them demanded an attitude from Regina, once a brave fighter in the trenches of Bolsonarism. “Regina do Céu, they’re going to arrest the myth!!! Are you following the CPI? Are we going to hold a vigil at the prison door? For God’s sake, we have to help him!”, writes the user carloshf35.

The most recent photo on his Instagram was posted this Friday (18), the day on which Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the STF, authorized the breach of fiscal and banking secrecy of Bolsonaro and his wife, Michelle. The subject did not receive comments from Regina, who celebrated her granddaughter Manuela’s birthday, 17, by posting photos of the teenager when she was still a baby.

Regina’s last message with a political content was posted on August 11, when she criticized Lula’s trips abroad. “We are so in need of good continuity after the show of administration that Bolsonaro gave to Brazilians in his mandate… The petista has been to France, Rome and the Vatican since he took office, spent 33 days visiting 12 countries”, he wrote.

Source: Folha

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