BBB 22: ‘I don’t know how to act’, says Slovenia after kissing Lucas


The house of Big Brother Brasil 22 started Thursday (27) with a lot of hangover and reflections about the party that took place the night before. Lucas and Slovenia’s kiss, the first of the issue, was still a topic, with speculation about changes to the game.

In conversation with Bárbara, Laís and Brunna, Eslô said that now he must protect his brother in the game. “I didn’t want to be with anyone because of that, because I know myself. I’m going to want to protect him more than usual right now,” she said.

Bárbara still fired that he was her voting option until then, which Eslô said he didn’t need to change because of him. “If he is your vote, you can continue. Just don’t vote for me!”, asked Miss Pernambuco to her confinement colleague.

Finding Lucas, lying in the BBB 22 room, Eslô hugged him. “I want a kiss”, he said, who then received a kiss from his sister. With him leaving the room, she and Barbara talked. “I don’t know how to act,” Eslô said. “You screwed up,” joked her colleague.

Natália, who was shaken to see the new couple kiss, complained about the hangover in conversation with Jessi and Linn, and even promised that she will not drink again. Jessi then suggested that they eat tripe to fight a hangover.

The night before, Natalia told Jessi that she was going to sleep so as not to cause trouble, but she went back to the dance floor and stayed until she couldn’t hold back her tears. While crying, she said that she would press the desist button, but she was stopped by her colleagues.

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