Kayky Brito’s family thanks driver for helping: ‘He saved his life’


Kayky Brito’s family publicly thanked driver Diones da Silva for helping after the actor was run over last Saturday (2). “We will be eternally grateful”, says the statement published on the social networks of Stephany Brito, Kayky’s sister, this Thursday (7).

“We also make public here, reiterating what we already said over the phone, our genuine gratitude to Diones Silva, the driver who was a true angel in Kayky’s life, providing immediate help to him, a fact that certainly saved his life! forever grateful!”, says an excerpt from the message, which is signed by the family.

The statement came after the driver expressed himself this Thursday on social media. He thanked the affection he has received from people and said that “it has not been an easy day”. He also said that he is unable to work because his vehicle is damaged and that he wants Kayky to recover soon.

To the police, Diones da Silva said he was surprised in the accident. The case is investigated by the 16th DP in Rio. The passenger who was in the car confirmed the driver’s version. According to her, the vehicle was at low speed and the actor appeared by surprise.

Kayky is in serious but stable condition at the Copa D’or hospital in Leblon, in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro.

Source: Folha

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