The Town: Pocah says he’s a Foo Fighters fan and talks about new EP


Luisa Monte

Pocah arrived at The Town this Saturday (9) wearing a t-shirt printed with the cover of his new EP “A Braba É Ela”, which is scheduled for release on September 15th. She advanced the F5 that the new production, of five tracks, should be composed of 95% funk and 5% reggaeton, a new thing for her, who debuts singing a “portunhol”.

The funk artist said that she has been preparing to sing in other languages: “I have been studying Spanish and English a lot and I chose the festival to promote this EP”, she said. The song was recorded with the Colombian group Piso 21.

The funk part, which he is already used to, brings back his origins as MC Pocahontas. The song “Assanhadinha” will be one of them: “It tells a story about when I was very young and ran away from home to go to a funk party”, he explains.

Pocah shows a little of the new album at a pocket show scheduled to take place inside the TikTok booth on the fourth day of The Town, where he also went to watch the band Foo Fighters, the main attraction of the night.

The funk singer says that last Thursday (7), she attended the Maroon 5 show and arrived late to Ludmilla, with whom she had a disagreement not long ago. But that wasn’t a problem for her, as she revealed that she went to an “after”, a private party where the singer performed after the festival.

Source: Folha

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