A touching one My Style Rocks we watched today, where the contestants dressed up as brides for the needs of the Gala with a different escort by their side that was connected to the concept that each presented.

Thus, the Apollyon she lived a second marriage with her husband Stefanos and moved her teammates. THE Danny decided to marry the son of a… friend, once again bringing a concept that brought laughter to the set. THE Agriculture she had by her side, as a bridesmaid, her daughter, who is the most important thing in her life.

THE Christine decided to have her wedding, a party in Amsterdam. THE Eleanna appeared with her partner, Pavlos, rehearsing a different… wedding.


Amanda chose to wear a black wedding dress after getting married in Great Britain, against her will!

My style

THE Mortasia wore a special wedding dress and walked down the catwalk alongside her partner Konstantinos, ready for their alternative wedding.

My style

THE Dionysia she arrived accompanied by a friend and former contestant, Dimitra Alexandraki which apologized to him Stelios Koudounaris for any friction they had in the past during her participation in the competition.

My style

THE Iphigenia she prepared a wedding in Qatar but her wedding dress was in a… bigger size. They prepared for their wedding in Crete Christiana with her partner Zoi, winning everyone’s positive impressions.

At the end of the episode, the winner was Mortasia while candidates to leave were Amandathe Danny and the Iphigenia with the other contestants rescuing her Amanda.

When the two girls were in front of the jury the Sophia Hatzipanteli gave her saving vote to Iphigenia, o Dimitris Skouloss supported Deni while before announcing his decision o Stelios Koudounaris herself Iphigenia stated that he believes that he cannot cope with the competition.

Stelios Koudounaris showed his agreement by saving Deni. The contestants hugged Iphigenia and said goodbye to her from My Style Rocks.

My style

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