Ricky Tavares and Carol Bresolin announce the end of their relationship


Carol Bresolin and Ricky Tavares ended their relationship. The couple, who have been together since September 2022 and recently celebrated their first year together, chose to share the news as a gesture of respect for the fans who followed them. The information was confirmed by the artists in practically simultaneous publications on their Instagram profiles, this Friday (6).

“Out of respect for all of you who accompany me here, I come to inform you that Ricky and I are no longer together. The affection for what we experienced and learned from each other remains. I wish him much success and light in his life. With affection, Carol” , said the 30-year-old actress in her statement, which was shared in her stories.

Ricky Tavares, 32, also published a similar message on his profile, emphasizing the respect and affection he has for Carol: “Out of respect for everyone who follows me here and because we always share our daily lives, I come to inform you that Carol and I Bresolin, we are no longer a couple. The affection, love, respect and admiration for her remains, and I wish her all the success in the world. I wouldn’t like to talk more about the subject.”

The couple made their romance public after being photographed together at different events in September 2022.

Source: Folha

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