The legendary director John Carpenter she said she is still in shock from seeing the movie “Barbie” this summer.

The director of the thriller film “Halloween” talk about the film “Barbie” to the Los Angeles Times saying and emphasizing that parts of Greta Gerwig’s record-breaking movie “were incomprehensible.”

He went on to say that he saw the film at home, not in the cinema, and that he liked Margot Robbie’s performance, which he called “wonderful”.

I saw Barbie. I can’t believe I saw Barbie. It’s just not my generation. I had nothing to do with Barbie dolls. I didn’t know who Alan wassaid John Carpenter.

There’s a patriarchy thing there, but I’ve lost all of that. Unintelligible. But I think she’s great, Margot Robbie“, write down.

When asked if he watches movies in movie theaters, Carpenter replied, “I don’t go out. I haven’t been to a movie in a while, but I watch them at home».