Yiannis Katsimihas, one of the talented actors of his generation, is starring this year in the SKAI drama series “The Pantheons”who plays him Thomas Pantheo. The same spoke exclusively to skai.gr about the feelings that this collaboration “generates” for him and the challenge he is asked to face. It also reveals some of the developments that we will see immediately…

  • In recent years, the channels have invested significantly in Greek fiction. What do you think;

It is very promising. High-level series are performed in all aspects, technically and interpretatively. Some, in fact, like “The Pantheons”, are based on great books. Especially, the effort made to bring to the screen stories and times, which we younger people only heard from our parents or grandparents, is admirable.

  • Take part in the adaptation of Tasos Athanasiadis’ iconic novel, “The Pantheons”. What feelings does this collaboration give you?

I can only feel joy for my participation in such work. There is such commitment and such passion from all of us that it is, really, as if everything has “clicked” together. It’s as if we coordinated from the first moment and said: “Let’s all tell a story together”. And this “all together” is very touching because it is not self-evident. Encounters with people are not random. And this meeting with this group of people makes me feel very lucky.

  • What is the biggest challenge this job holds for an actor?

An actor, when asked to interpret a character, must bring before the viewer a complete person and not his outline. Especially, when it comes to characters, springing from iconic works where they are so well given and structured. So the challenge or rather the responsibility of the actor is what it always is: To construct a complete human character.

  • At what points do you “meet” Thomas Pantheos whom you play?

Thomas loves and protects his people. He is not afraid to fall into the fire in order to protect his loved ones. This is definitely a part of Thomas that we have in common. I am very protective of the people close to me. Romance, too, is something we share with Thomas as well as his developed sense of what is just and right.

Thomas likes to believe in something more important than his life. Does the same happen to you?

It could not happen otherwise. This is what gives us strength to continue. Faith in an ideal, in an idea, which is bigger than us.

  • Is Thomas as strong and brave as he looks?

He counts nothing in front of the defense of his ideals and his loved ones. So basically, yes, he is courageous, but at the same time he considers the effects of his choices on those around him. He feels fear. Not, however, for his own future, but for the future of his people. He feels that if something happens to him, he won’t be here to protect the others. But when the time comes for him to come forward, he will certainly not hesitate.

Giannis Katsimihas

  • In the last episodes we see Thomas and his cousin, Liana, get closer and their relationship goes beyond kinship. What can you tell us about this development?

Thomas has feelings, which he has kept hidden for many years, but the more you repress something, the more it “harvests”. So, it’s probably time for them to reveal themselves.

  • How do you think the Pantheon family will react when and if Thomas and Liana’s forbidden relationship is revealed?

As any family would react to learning that two first cousins ​​are related. Unless it’s the Targaryens from ‘Game of Thrones’. Certainly, however, if there is a relationship and things are found out, it will be difficult for everyone.

  • Does the story of the Pantheons somehow “speak” to today?

“The Pantheons” both as a book and in their television adaptation are centered on people who fall in love, fight, cheat and make choices where they then have to deal with their consequences. But the main thing is that they are fighting for a better future. For themselves, for those close to them and there are some who fight for everyone’s future. And all this just before a great war broke out. Surely, then, we can find many opposites in today.