The Crown returns on November 16 for its sixth and final season, bringing Britain’s royal family into the present day.

From what has been known, in the last cycle, among other things, we will see the car accident that cost Diana’s life, in Paris, the marriage of the then Prince Charles with Camilla Parker Bowles and the acquaintance of Prince William with Kate Middleton in 2007, during their student years.

The person who is expected to monopolize the interest in the last round is the young actress Meg Bellamy (Meg Bellamy) who will play Kate Middleton.

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The first photos from the series have already been released to the press and many are commenting positively on the choice of 19-year-old Bellamy for the role, as she looks a lot like Princess Catherine.

“I am so honored to join the most incredible cast and crew and try to do Kate justice,” said the previously unknown actress excitedly (with her luck).

The role of Kate Middleton is the first role for Bellamy, who graduated from drama school a few months ago. In fact, she herself got the role after sending an audition to the producers herself.