Amaury Lorenzo, Ramiro from ‘Land and Passion’, talks about his sexuality: ‘I consider myself LGBTQIA+’


Amaury Lorenzo, who is enjoying success as foreman Ramiro in “Terra e Paixão” (Globo), spoke openly about his sexuality. In the plot, the character is reluctant to admit his passion for Kelvin (Diego Martins).

“I consider myself an LGBTQIA+ man,” Amaury told the newspaper Extra, without specifying which letter of the acronym he was referring to. “It may be that soon I will marry another man, cis or trans, a woman, cis or trans… I know that the public is curious to know about my sexuality. I have no problem with that. The only issue is when the subject comes above my work as an actor.”

The actor said he had already faced situations of prejudice. “As a child, in the interior of Minas Gerais, at 8 or 9 years old, I was already the target of cruel comments for dancing classical ballet,” he said. “Once, leaving class, I heard people calling me a fagot, and I didn’t even know what that meant. When I turned around, they were salespeople from a clothing store.”

He also said he had already been shot with a pellet gun by a boy from his neighborhood. “It put a hole in my back,” he recalled. “I started to feel embarrassed about doing ballet.”

The situation was worsened by a teacher who mocked him after, at the age of 10, he auditioned for a London ballet company. “Did you know that Amaury is a dancer? If I said what I think, I would be expelled from school”, she reportedly said. “Therapy helped me overcome it,” said the actor.

Lorenzo denies alleged censorship of the kiss between Ramiro and Kelvin. “No one ever censored us from kissing in the soap opera, because the kiss was never written,” he says. “We only record what the author writes. The script arrives like this: ‘they almost kiss’, ‘atmosphere of affection’. The demand for the kiss comes from the public.”

Diego Martins, who participated in the interview, said that the public wants to see more and, sometimes, even fantasizes about a relationship between the two actors outside of the scene. “Fans love creating side stories,” he said. “They want the couple in everyday life, sex. It’s past time to air more spicy scenes between two equals. How many sex scenes do we see of straight couples? Even on seven o’clock soap operas! I’m not just talking about ‘ Earth and Passion’: we need to remove the stigma, end the taboo.”

Source: Folha

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